Portfolio Manager

Helping you see the full picture

If you’re involved in customer credit management or risk policy making it is often a challenge to understand how your customer portfolio is performing.

Portfolio Manager is an online analysis tool which merges your customer receivables data with D&B’s databases to provide a unique insight into your portfolios. It enables you to pinpoint the main areas of risk and opportunity leading to better targeting of your credit management resources and a clearer, more informed view of which credit policies are appropriate for your circumstances.

Portfolio Manager provides answers to critical questions like: 

  • What is the distribution of risk across your portfolio?
  • Who are your riskiest and best customers?
  • How likely are your customers to pay you within terms?
  • What is your aggregated exposure across corporate groups?
  • How does your overall customer portfolio risk change over time?
  • How much are you likely to lose through commercial risk over next 12 months?
  • If the risk changes in your portfolio should your credit limit change?
  • How has your aged debt strategy performed over time?

Portfolio Manager opens up D&B’s unique global database and applies our expert predictive scores so that you can predict future risk of failure and payment behavior within your portfolio. All of D&B’s data is Quality Assured by the DUNSRightTM process to ensure that is accurate, complete, timely and cross border consistent.

Getting started

Initial set-up of Portfolio Manager couldn’t be simpler. Submit your customer receivables data from one or more of your sales ledgers and we will match your data against D&B’s global file of 150 million businesses using our unique D-U-N-S number, the international standard for company identification. Your ledgers will then be loaded into Portfolio Manager ready for you to use.


Portfolio analysis

Portfolio Manager gives you for types of analysis together with the ability to ’drill down’ to view more details on individual customers and ’click trough’ to access D&B business information reports online:

  • Evaluation – provides a breakdown of the overall risk structure according to your own defined risk bands and the common characteristics of your customer portfolio. Your ledger balances are aggregated using criteria such as business size, business age, legal form, geographic location and predictive risk score.
  • Anticipations – predictive scores allow you to review the total potential bad debt across your portfolio over the next 12 months and identify your most risky customers (in absolute terms), together with those most likely to be deliquent or pay out of terms.
  • Accumulations – analyse your aggregated ledger balances by global ultimate holding company and primary activity sector. Identify largest outstanding amounts by group and future possible group loss calculations.

    By leveraging the power of the D&B D-U-N-S Number and corporate linkage you will not only be able to understand group exposure but also identifying potential cross-sell oppotunities within the same corporate family.

  • Distributions – provides further analysis based on your own ledger data and customised fields which, combined with trended analysis, can help you to review the performance of your reserving and collections strategies.

Portfolio Manager Alerts

D&B data is refreshed monthly or daily according to your preferences and you can update your customer ledgers at any time. Through Portfolio Manager Alerts you can be told of significant changes within your portfolio. You can manage what alerts are generated by determining you own customised triggers and then review all accounts with a change through View Alerts or request notification via email. For example identify those accounts that have moved between your defined risk bands or whose D&B score hase changed by more than 10.

To find out more about Portfolio Manager contact your D&B account manager or call 06 1 347 6700.