150 million companies captured in D&B's global database

In July 2009, after a turbulent year of economic contraction, D&B company records numbered a remarkable 150 million. The last huge milestone was achieved in September 2005, when D&B recorded 100 million business entities.

European companies account for the lion’s share of the growth, with 19.5 million added, including 5.7 million enterprises in Russia, 2.3 million in the United Kingdom, 1.9 million in Spain and 1.4 million in Germany. Companies in the USA account for 10.5 million new records, with Asia Pacific close behind delivering 10.4 million records of businesses in China, India, Japan and Korea. Latin America has also increased its presence, thanks to the addition of 2.3 million Argentinean, 1.8 million Brazilian and 1.2 million Peruvian companies to the D&B global database.

Established markets in the US and across Europe continue to be a priority for D&B customers. At the same time, there is real commercial appetite for insight into the emerging markets like Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC)....and D&B is meeting that need head-on. “D&B is delivering a breadth of coverage on operating businesses around the globe, while also pinpointing more in-depth coverage on the businesses in a given sector or region that matter, or will matter, most to our customers,” explains Global Data Services Leader Robin Davies.